Friday, August 19, 2016

4a snacks with spirit & dreams

You may find this as interesting as I did.

Not 10 mins ago, I was almost asleep.

I say 'almost' because I was comfortable, very relaxed, yet starving. Stomach was growling, a nagging in the back of my mind to get something. 

My mind was teetering in and out of complete consciousness and half out of it, boarding that blissful train to dreamland. 

Half way on the train... You know how sometimes, you'll get a random muscle spasm? In your leg or arm or shoulder or whatever? You just flinch, or move? Maybe shudder or something? Half way on the train, I had what I would assume was a muscle spasm in my shoulder.

At the exact same time my shoulder 'spasm'd backwards, like someone was pulling on it... I saw a hand land on my shoulder, and tug it.

It was so fast I almost missed it myself. 

Small hand. A woman's hand, for sure. 

I think it was my Grandma. 

Very warm, very comforting. I wasn't at all frightened or alarmed in any way. 

Before I could place whose hand it was, I got the message. As I was getting out of my bed, slinging my legs over the sides I said out loud, "Okay, I get it, I'll eat."

Ironic it would be a grandparent, isn't it? Maybe not so much. 

Oh, Grandma. How I miss you so.

Now I'll actually be able to sleep through the night. 

A very interesting moment. I've never had that experience coupled with spirit direction (what I assume it was) before. Very interesting.

Very like my Grandma, too. 

I had to document that here for everyone, for myself so I remember to journal it tomorrow morning. 

The fear of spirit is lessening, so that's good. As I've said before, it wasn't ever the classic 'fear' as I've probably described. It was fear of the unexpected way something would show. What it could be. What could happen. Not ever necessarily the event or presence itself. 



And with the house walk through I'll be getting to go on with Wendy in a couple days or so, I'm sure I'll feel even more confident. In myself, and my secured way of doing things. And, of course, spirit.

The other night I had a dream that was very interesting. For the first time ever, I controlled the dream. 

I've gotten woken up, woke myself up, had people wake me up, talked to different people, went different places, been taken different places, but never on my own accord. Always by Lucy or with help from my angels and guides.

I believe I may have even seen myself in a past life, good 

I looked into a mirror and saw me looking like some curly haired blonde woman in different clothing. It was odd.

There was another woman in a portion of my dream who I realized didn't have the absolute correct hair color. So, I changed it. And kept changing it. Once I realized I was doing it, I kept going. Color, style, everything. Just for fun. 

It's been a very relaxing, interesting, yet passionate (half way done with writing season 1 of the webseries) week so far. 

I wish you all a similar week!

Goodnight friends. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dreams and Fairies

So, what type of stuff has been going on? 

Writing and pre-production for the series has been excellent. Really moving along. Giving really passionate, kind people great opportunities. Also, of course, they're wonderful to work with and it's super exciting. 

What good is working if you can't work with friends?

Some lady sat down on my bed the other night. I don't know who she was, but it was brief and she was kind. Watching over me. Just caught a split second of her. As she sat down, we lost communication. 

I had a dream last night with... Get this... Fairies. 

Yep. You read that correctly.

I can't, with the shit I've experienced already, ever say anything doesn't exist. I guess logically it's easier to get the human ghosts than it is to come to terms with fairies and stuff.

I've had experiences with one before. I've been told I have one, and that her name is Georgina. I'm sure it was with her.

Didn't see her though. 

So I was out in nature, and all I remember is being given a tube/wand thing. It was absolutely beautiful. All types of glitter and crystals, and I was told something about pointing it at things and 'sprinkling', then something with manifestation and going into nature. 

It was very interesting. 

Other than that, working on my new knowledge of patience and all that. Seems easier. Day by day. Still difficult, very difficult, but... Day by day. 

At least these revelations are coming at 20-something and not 50-something. 

Or maybe that's backwards. One of my issues has always been feeling like I've learned above my quota, and constantly seeking people to teach me something I don't know. To learn things I don't know. 

...and that has proven itself to be almost impossible. 

It won't be, not for long, but still. Trying. 

Not to mention it's hard to align with people who don't either shutter or walk away silently when they find out I'm an actress/filmmaker who sometimes chats with dead people and uses the Internet and YouTube as my primary means for distribution since I'm not about to get naked or sleep my way to the top.

*polite smile, slight nod, pivot, provide exit excuse, walk away quickly* 

Anyways, that's what's been going on. 

Hope all is well with everyone! Send me good wishes and good vibes!