Friday, October 7, 2016

It's been awhile (again).

Wow. It's been awhile.

I've been so fucking busy it's insane. 

I barely have time to do my weekly videos for my YouTube channel anymore, which is taxing but doable. I get it done. 

I've been focusing all my time on building this new webseries. Writing all of season 1, almost done, which is excellent. 

I quit smoking! Yay! That's excellet, too! Almost a month now. I tell you what, I wouldn't have ever been able to do it without vape pens. Fuck what you heard, those things aren't harmful at all and they're helping people quit all over the world!

Surprise - the tobacco companies get money from the government and shit and I forgot the logistics but they're trying to regulate them now since the ones at the gas stations are the harmful ones, they've got all kinds of fucked up shit in them. The nicer ones you get from vape shops and organic juices and shit you can pick if it had nicotine or not and its got like a chemical that's in inhalers and one other chemical nowhere near as horrible as what's in cigarettes. 

But, ya know, tobacco companies wanna regulate them now. And the government is helping them. 

So basically if you vape buy all the e-juices you fucking can ASAP so you know you're safe before the government gets a hold of it. 

They're already keeping marijuana from cancer patients (cures it), so, I mean... They don't make money when we're healthy, people! 

Sad but true.

I'm 100% vegetarian. I may have mentioned that before, but, several months now. Since the end of spring/beginning of summer. 

I feel all kinds of healthy! Junk foods are still real, and I dig them, so it's whatever.

I stress - this shit has nothing to do with dieting or beauty of weight. I just got repetitive high sign from spirit for both. Smoking and no more eating animals. My empath side is growing, and honestly, not only did it make my anxiety worse but it made me want to cry. 

The smoking... Eh, I still wanna smoke. A lot. Very often. I want a cigarette right now. Badly. I miss smoking so much. But... It was kicking my acid reflux's ass. Also, I didn't enjoy all the typical shit. The smell and yada yada. 

I vape if I feel like the cravings are too much to take. Little before that too so I don't flip out and really take a cigarette, since a ton of people I'm around still smoke. 

I haven't even vaped in, like, 3 days. So that's good.

My grandma (spirit guide, passed a bit ago) watched some cute Halloween cartoon on Netflix with me the other day and told me how cute the evil carrots were. She also instructed me to eat apple sauce, and I did.

I no longer associate with the medium friend Wendy I mentioned here before and I did some videos with. I won't get into it, it's not worth it, but I'll always appreciate the help she offered me but let's just say she wasn't the person I thought she was. It saddened me, but it felt toxic and I had to make it clear to leave me be and let me ride away in peace. 

I've experienced writers block a couple times. It isn't wonderful but it is what it is. Never had that happen before. Sounds spoiled and entitled of me.

Have you watched the free documentary 'Thrive' on YouTube? If you haven't, you need to. If you chose not to, you've got issues. You're a human on this planet. Watch it. 

My Mom is psychic. She always has been, but, it's springing up lately and now she's starting to accept that shit as reality. Because it's happening to her. 

Funny when that happens.

I had lots of things happen. I got to go visit my cats in the animal part of heaven, which was really fucking cool. They could stand up and talk and shit, I mean wow it was a trip. I'm constantly amazed by where I get to go when I'm dreaming. 

I watched myself turn into spirit, pure light body, and walk away from my body - turn around - and heal myself. It was astounding. Almost unbelievable. 

I've been in closer contact with my angels and guides, I made friends with Saint John of God (I call him Saint J.G.), I made butterfly and fox friends, 11:11 and 222 have been everywhere, I've been using the phone and Internet way less (lots of scheduling), I've been meditating (or just sitting and breathing while listening to spa music) every day...

Been really wonderful.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year too, so, that helps.

I'm gonna turn in now. Got a bunch of shit to do tomorrow morning!